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Windhammer (Wayne Densley 2001)
Title: Windhammer
Author: Wayne Densley 2001
Language: english
Genre: Fantasy
Played: 284 x

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05.03.2011 17:34 - HimNotSain

Hi. The luck roll in section 197 is still not working. The only way forward will be to cheat. Is there any way to cheat here and get to the required section?
06.03.2011 20:27 - Pie

How many luck points do you have? Is there a need for 4 dice to check?
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10.09.2009 19:47 - Shockrock

sorry but it's still not possible to overcome this check. By the way I have 12 luck points but I don't think that matters. Actually, how should the system work normally?
11.09.2009 11:50 - pie

There had been some mistakes in text and implementation. I changed the number of dice to three and checked all other "rolling a die" situations.
In your case (section 197):
Luck value >= dice -> section 56
Luck < dice -> section 8
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08.09.2009 19:27 - Shockrock

What's with that weird luck check on page 197? Regardless what number's rolled I can't move on ?!?! It always fails.
08.09.2009 21:14 - pie

yes thats true. The test was: try your luck with only ONE die.
of course, if you have only one die and 10 luck points... this cannot fit.
I changed the number of rolling a die from one to two.
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