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I segreti di Ringold (Sofia Rugeri e Anneliese Knup)
Title: I segreti di Ringold
Author: Italy Sofia Rugeri e Anneliese Knup
Language: italian
Genre: Modern
Played: 1 x
Weapons limit in inventory: no limit
Items limit in inventory: no limit
Initial character stats:
Initial items:
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12.07.2017 19:42 - Estark

Non ho mai letto qualcosa di peggio, noioso e dalla forma orrenda. Leggerlo equivale a perdere minuti della propria vita che possono essere impiegati molto meglio.
11.07.2011 20:25 - qoTgoKZOvpz

Was ttolaly stuck until I read this, now back up and running.
11.07.2011 18:24 - VidrVkFHWKWgaKqe

HHIS I suohld have thought of that!
10.07.2011 21:03 - NEoQRgsNmaGWJ

Hey, good to find someone who argees with me. GMTA.
10.07.2011 09:26 - WrJhjiAHGomoqZkF

All of my questions settled—thkans!
10.07.2011 08:53 - atqGweygV

Fell out of bed feenlig down. This has brightened my day!

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