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WARP - An interactive Sci-Fi Adventure (Todd Willows)
Title: WARP - An interactive Sci-Fi Adventure
Author: United Kingdom Todd Willows
Cover: Todd Willows
Illustration: Mark Joseph
Language: english
Genre: Science Fiction
Adventure Thriller
Duration: 60 min
Sections: 304
Played: 309 x
Weapons limit in inventory: 2
Items limit in inventory: 5
Initial character stats:
Strength:0 + 2 x
Intelligence:0 + 1 x
Initial items: Laser Dagger (Combat points: +0 / Damage: 0)
5x Provisions (Energy: +2)
Annotations: A fun and unique take on the classic fighting fantasy style format. A cross between fairy tale fantasy and Science fiction, the book encompasses many well known and new story telling techniques. It has no mature content but is more tailored for adult read
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Blurb: Alone on an alien planet, with nothing but your bare hands and human ingenuity, you must survive and escape. On your journey you will fight many a foe, travel many a mile and uncover a great secret that could change the course of history forever. The outcome of the adventure and the fate of the entire universe is in your hands. What will you choose to do?


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22.09.2022 22:07 - trita

dude what is the number for that door ?????

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